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Excellent in its infancy. Limitless in its potential.
- Mythic Portal Games
I am excited to be in it from the early days and can not wait to see it rival the big boys in the virtual Tabletop scene
- GM Yanick, DawnforgedCast
With an innovative design that offers a truly fresh take on VTTs, [Astral] is serious competition to watch out for.
- Will, Encounter Roleplay
I really believe that this could become the next big Virtual table top. It’s easy to use and has already got a lot of fun features. And I love how the community and developers work together to make this a great platform.
- MisterX, user since August 2017
Although still in development [Astral] is quickly becoming a powerful tool for both DMs and players alike. There are new useful features constantly being added, and if something isn’t there the developer will try to make those features happen.
- chunkosauruswrex, user since June 2017
Easy to create and export and save maps. Excellent and kindly support.
- palant, user since June 2017
My character had a dream to build a stronghold, when he managed to do it [Astral] made it a reality.
- Lum_the_Mad, user since June 2017