Astral Encounter Essentials

by Astral TableTop

Exciting Encounters. Dangerous Dungeons. Treacherous Terrain. Amazing Adventures. These are just some of the many alliterations we came up with when writing this description about the free Power VTT tileset.

Includes everything you need to create your own unique encounters and battlemaps.

Included Assets (202)

Alter DarkAlter Dark
Alter Stone 1Alter Stone 1
Alter Stone 2Alter Stone 2
Alter Stonewith Blood 1Alter Stone with Blood 1
Alter Stonewith Blood 2Alter Stone with Blood 2
Alter WhiteAlter White
Barrel Keg 1Barrel Keg 1
Barrel Keg 2Barrel Keg 2
Barrel Keg 3Barrel Keg 3
Barrel Keg 4Barrel Keg 4
Barrel Keg Broken 1Barrel Keg Broken 1
Barrel Keg Broken 2Barrel Keg Broken 2
Barrel KegsBarrel Kegs
Barrel Kegs SpilledBarrel Kegs Spilled
Bedroll 2Bedroll 2
Bedroll 3Bedroll 3
Boudler Rock 1Boudler Rock 1
Boudler Rock 2Boudler Rock 2
Boulder Rock 3Boulder Rock 3
Box Crate 1Box Crate 1
Box Crate 2Box Crate 2
Box Wood ContainerBox Wood Container
Box Wood Container BrokenBox Wood Container Broken
Camp Fire 1Camp Fire 1
Camp Fire 2Camp Fire 2
Camp Fire 3Camp Fire 3
Camp Fire 4Camp Fire 4
Camp Fire 5Camp Fire 5
Camp Firewith Meat RoastingCamp Fire with Meat Roasting
Cave EntranceCave Entrance
Cliff 1Cliff 1
Cliff 2Cliff 2
Cliff 3Cliff 3
Coffin 1Coffin 1
Coffin 2Coffin 2
Coffin 3Coffin 3
Coffin 4Coffin 4
Coffin 5Coffin 5
Cooking Bot BoilingCooking Bot Boiling
Cooking Bot EmptyCooking Bot Empty
Cooking Potwith FoodCooking Pot with Food
Default BackgroundBackground
Dirt 1Dirt 1
Dirt 2Dirt 2
Dirt Double Path BendDirt Double Path Bend
Dirt Double Path CrossingDirt Double Path Crossing
Dirt Double Path EndDirt Double Path End
Dirt Double Path StraightDirt Double Path Straight
Dirt Double Path T ShapedDirt Double Path T-Shaped
Dirt GroundDirt Ground
Dirt Path BendDirt Path Bend
Dirt Path CrossingDirt Path Crossing
Dirt Path EndDirt Path End
Dirt Path StraightDirt Path Straight
Dirt Path T ShapedDirt Path T-Shaped
Dirt Scar 1Dirt Scar 1
Dirt Scar 2Dirt Scar 2
Dirt Scar 3Dirt Scar 3
Gold PieceGold Piece
Gold PileGold Pile
Goldand Silver PileGold and Silver Pile
Grain Bag OpenGrain Bag Open
Grain Bag SealedGrain Bag Sealed
Grain Bag TornGrain Bag Torn
Grain BagsGrain Bags
Grass 1Grass 1
Grass 2Grass 2
Grass Flowers 1Grass Flowers 1
Grass GroundGrass Ground
Grass HillGrass Hill
House 1House 1
House 2House 2
House 3House 3
House 4House 4
House 5House 5
House 6House 6
House 7House 7
House 8House 8
Ice Grass 1Ice Grass 1
Ice Grass GroundIce Grass Ground
Jewel Gem AmberJewel Gem Amber
Jewel Gem BlueJewel Gem Blue
Jewel Gem Dark BlueJewel Gem Dark Blue
Jewel Gem GreenJewel Gem Green
Jewel Gem LargeJewel Gem Large
Jewel Gem OrangeJewel Gem Orange
Jewel Gem PurpleJewel Gem Purple
Jewel Gem RedJewel Gem Red
Jewel Gem Treasure PileJewel Gem Treasure Pile
Jewel Gem WhiteJewel Gem White
Ladder 1Ladder 1
Ladder 2Ladder 2
Lamp Light OffLamp Light Off
Lamp Light OnLamp Light On
Metal Cage 1Metal Cage 1
Metal Cage 2Metal Cage 2
Metal Cage 3Metal Cage 3
Metal Cage 4Metal Cage 4
Metal Cage Top 1Metal Cage Top 1
Metal Cage Top 2Metal Cage Top 2
Murky Water 1Murky Water 1
Murky Water 2Murky Water 2
Pillar Dark 1Pillar Dark 1
Pillar Dark Broken 1Pillar Dark Broken 1
Pillar StonePillar Stone
Pillar Stone Broken 1Pillar Stone Broken 1
Pillar WhitePillar White
Pillar White Broken 1Pillar White Broken 1
Pulling Cart BrokenPulling Cart Broken
Pulling Cart Empty 1Pulling Cart Empty 1
Pulling Cart Empty 2Pulling Cart Empty 2
River 1River 1
River 2River 2
River 3River 3
Rock 1Rock 1
Rock 2Rock 2
Rock Double Path BendRock Double Path Bend
Rock Double Path CrossRock Double Path Cross
Rock Double Path EndRock Double Path End
Rock Double Path StraightRock Double Path Straight
Rock Double Path T ShapedRock Double Path T-Shaped
Rock GroundRock Ground
Rock Path BendRock Path Bend
Rock Path CrossRock Path Cross
Rock Path EndRock Path End
Rock Path StraightRock Path Straight
Rock Path T ShapedRock Path T-Shaped
Rock Wall 1Rock Wall 1
Rock Wall 2Rock Wall 2
Rock Wall 3Rock Wall 3
Rock Wall 4Rock Wall 4
Rock Wall 5Rock Wall 5
Rock Wall Corner 1Rock Wall Corner 1
Rock Wall Corner 2Rock Wall Corner 2
Rock Wall EndRock Wall End
Seat 1Seat 1
Seat 2Seat 2
Shop 1Shop 1
Shop 2Shop 2
Shop 3Shop 3
Silver PieceSilver Piece
Silver PileSilver Pile
Skeleton 1Skeleton 1
Skeleton 2Skeleton 2
Stone Bridge BrokenStone Bridge Broken
Stone Bridge EndStone Bridge End
Stone Bridge Middle 1Stone Bridge Middle 1
Stone Bridge Middle 2Stone Bridge Middle 2
Stone Wall 1Stone Wall 1
Stone Wall 2Stone Wall 2
Stone Wall Corner 1Stone Wall Corner 1
Stone Wall Corner 2Stone Wall Corner 2
Stone Wall EndStone Wall End
Table Circle 1Table Circle 1
Table Circle 2Table Circle 2
Table Oval 1Table Oval 1
Table Rectangle 1Table Rectangle 1
Table Rectangle 2Table Rectangle 2
Table Rectangle 3Table Rectangle 3
Table Square 1Table Square 1
Tavern Wooden Floor 1Tavern Wooden Floor 1
Tavern Wooden Floor 2Tavern Wooden Floor 2
Tent 1Tent 1
Tent 2Tent 2
Tent 3Tent 3
Tent 4Tent 4
Tent 5Tent 5
Tomb 1Tomb 1
Tomb 2Tomb 2
Torch OffTorch Off
Torch OnTorch On
Treasure Chest Closed 1Treasure Chest Closed 1
Treasure Chest Closed 2Treasure Chest Closed 2
Treasure Chest Open Empty 1Treasure Chest Open Empty 1
Treasure Chest Open Empty 2Treasure Chest Open Empty 2
Tree 1Tree 1
Tree 2Tree 2
Water 1Water 1
Water 2Water 2
Well EmptyWell Empty
Well Emptywith BucketWell Empty with Bucket
Well FilledWell Filled
Well Filledwith BucketWell Filled with Bucket
Wood Bridge BrokenWood Bridge Broken
Wood Bridge EndWood Bridge End
Wood Bridge Middle 1Wood Bridge Middle 1
Wood Bridge Middle 2Wood Bridge Middle 2
Wood Cage 1Wood Cage 1
Wood Cage 2Wood Cage 2
Wood Fence 1Wood Fence 1
Wood Fence 2Wood Fence 2
Wood Fence BrokenWood Fence Broken
Wood Fence Corner 1Wood Fence Corner 1
Wood Fence End 1Wood Fence End 1
Wood Fence End 2Wood Fence End 2
Wood Wall 1Wood Wall 1
Wood Wall 2Wood Wall 2
Wood Wall 3Wood Wall 3
Wood Wall Corner 1Wood Wall Corner 1
Wood Wall Corner 2Wood Wall Corner 2