Town & City Professions

by Dan DiPietro

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Creating a believable RPG city is difficult to do without the correct tokens to place in it. In the Town & City Professions Token Pack, fill your buildings and markets with over 200 items that could be found in your fantasy city. Professions include:

  • Alchemist
  • Cobbler
  • Restaurant Cooks
  • Basket Weaver
  • Librarian
  • Cartographer
  • Medic
  • Potter
  • Seamstress
  • Leather Worker
  • and more!

Included Assets (206)

Baker BreadBowlcooking, food, restaurant
Baker Breaddoecooking, food, restaurant
Baker Lemonfruit, herbs, plants, food, produce
Baker MetalBowlcooking, food, restaurant
Baker Oven Brickcooking, food, restaurant, kiln
Baker SaladBowlMetalvegetables, herbs, plants, food, produce
Baker SaladBowlMetal2vegetables, herbs, plants, food, produce
Baker SaladBowlTomatovegetables, herbs, plants, food, produce
Baker Watermelonvegetables, herbs, plants, food, fruit
Baker WoodenBowlcooking, food, restaurant
Baker WoodenBreadDoecooking, food, restaurant
Baker WoodenSaladGreensvegetables, herbs, plants, food, produce
Baker WoodenSaladGreens2vegetables, herbs, plants, food, produce
Baker WoodenSaladTomatovegetables, herbs, plants, food, produce
Barinn, tavern, beer, liqour
Bar 2inn, tavern, beer, liqour
Basketcrate, storage, bag, pot
Basket FruitBlueberryvegetables, herbs, plants, food, fruit
Basket FruitLemonsvegetables, herbs, plants, food, fruit
Basket FruitLimeGreenvegetables, herbs, plants, food, fruit
Basket FruitRedvegetables, herbs, plants, food, fruit
Basket Saladvegetables, herbs, plants, food, fruit
Basket Salad2vegetables, herbs, plants, food, fruit
Basket SaladTomatovegetables, herbs, plants, food, fruit
Basket SeamstressSpoolsBasket_SeamstressSpools
Basket SheepWoolBasket_SheepWool
Bathwash, shower, tub
Bath Stonewash, shower, tub
Benchchair, pew, seat
Book Brownlibrary, volume, tome, textbook, script
Book Greenlibrary, volume, tome, textbook, script
Book Orangelibrary, volume, tome, textbook, script
Book Purplelibrary, volume, tome, textbook, script
Book Redlibrary, volume, tome, textbook, script
Book Stack Plainlibrary, volume, tome, textbook, script
Book Stack Plain 2library, volume, tome, textbook, script
Book Stack Plain 3library, volume, tome, textbook, script
Book Yellowlibrary, volume, tome, textbook, script
Bucket Water Spilltub, shower, wash
Cartographer Compassnavigation, tool, survival
Cartographer MapPaper1chart, diagram, globe, blueprint
Cartographer MapPaper2chart, diagram, globe, blueprint
Cartographer MapPaper3chart, diagram, globe, blueprint
Cartographer MapScroll1chart, diagram, globe, blueprint
Cartographer MapScroll2chart, diagram, globe, blueprint
Cartographer MapScroll3chart, diagram, globe, blueprint
Cartographer Scrollpaper, parchment, document
Cartographer Tool Calipermapping, navigation, survival
Chalk Boardschool, college, library
Chimneyhouse, oven, pit, cave
Church Pewsbench, seat, chairs
Clothing Shirt Pileseamstress, sewing
Cobbler ShoeWorkstationboots, mender, seamstress
Cobbler ShoeWorkstation2boots, mender, seamstress
Cobbler ShoeWorkstation3boots, mender, seamstress
Cobbler Shoesboots, feet, sandals
Cooking BowlFruitBluevegetables, herbs, plants, food
Cooking BowlFruitPurplevegetables, herbs, plants, food, produce
Cooking BowlFruitRedvegetables, herbs, plants, food
Cooking BowlLemonsvegetables, herbs, plants, food
Cooking BowlLimevegetables, herbs, plants, food, fruit
Cooking FruitBluevegetables, herbs, plants, food
Cooking FruitLimevegetables, herbs, plants, food, produce
Cooking FruitRedvegetables, herbs, plants, food, produce
Cooking Lemonsvegetables, herbs, plants, food, produce
Cooking Potrestaurant, food, dinner
Door Singleentrance, opening, gate, portal
Double Doorsentrance, opening, gate, portal
Dressing ScreenBrothel, wall, changingroom
Garden SaladGreensvegetables, herbs, plants, food, produce
Garden SaladGreens2vegetables, herbs, plants, food, produce
Garden SaladTomatovegetables, herbs, plants, food, produce
Gemstonesjewel, treasure, diamond
Gemstones Emeraldjewel, treasure, diamond
Gemstones Rubyjewel, treasure, diamond
Ground Powdermagic, arcane, dust
Gun Powdermagic, arcane, dust
Horse Troughstables, stalls, water
Hospitaller PatientTablehospital, infirmary, cleric, healer
Hospitaller PatientTable2hospital, infirmary, cleric, healer
Hospitaller PatientTable3hospital, infirmary, cleric, healer
Hospitaller PatientTable4hospital, infirmary, cleric, surgeon
Hospitaller PatientTable5hospital, infirmary, cleric, surgeon
Kitchen Tablerestaurant, Diningroom, dinner, food
Kitchen Table 2vegetables, restaurant, Diningroom, dinner, food
Ladder Woodsteps, stairs, stairway
Log BundleSticks, wood, firewood
Log Bundle 2Sticks, wood, firewood
Log SingleSticks, wood, firewood
Lumberjack Sawblade, sword, weapon
Lumberjack Saw Verticleblade, sword, weapon
Mortar ArcanePowderGreenmagic, experiment, caster
Mortar ArcanePowderPurplemagic, experiment, caster
Mortar Grainsmagic, experiment, caster
MortarPestle ArcanePowderPurplemagic, experiment, alchemist
MortarPestle Emptymagic, experiment, caster
MortarPestle Grainmagic, experiment, caster
Paddleboat, water, row
Painting AlexanderTheGreatart, wallhanging, tapestry
Painting Egyptionart, wallhanging, tapestry
Painting Guernicaart, wallhanging, tapestry
Platform Woodstage, podium, terrace
Pot Brownjug, potion, storage
Pot Greenjug, potion, storage
Pot GreyBluejug, potion, storage
Pot Reddishjug, potion, storage
Potsjug, potion, storage
Potteryjug, potion, storage
Powder Arcanemagic, dust, spell
Powder ArcaneBluemagic, dust, spell
Powder ArcaneGreenmagic, dust, spell
Powder ArcaneRedmagic, dust, spell
Scale ArcanePowderGemsmeasure, plate, alchemist
Scale Emptymeasure, plate, alchemist
Scale Gemsmeasure, plate, alchemist
Scale Gemstonesgemcutter, treasure, alchemist
Scale PebblesGemsgemcutter, plate, alchemist
Scale Powdersgemcutter, caster, alchemist
Scale PowdersRainbowgemcutter, experiment, alchemist
Scales Pebblesgemcutter, experiment, alchemist
Scroll Largetext, script, journal, library, book
Scroll Large Dwarventext, script, journal, library, book
Scroll Large Elventext, script, journal, library, book
Scroll Large Eviltext, script, journal, library, book
Scroll Large2text, script, journal, library, book
Scroll Large2 Dragontext, script, journal, library, book
Scroll Large2 Dwarventext, script, journal, library, book
Scroll Large2 ElvishSylvantext, script, journal, library, book
Seamstress Scissorsblade, cutting, weapon
Seamstress Shirtclothing, tunic
Seamstress ShirtBlueclothing, tunic
Seamstress ShirtGreenclothing, tunic
Seamstress ShirtRedclothing, tunic
Seamstress SpoolBlueclothing, tunic
Seamstress SpoolGreenclothing, tunic
Seamstress SpoolRedclothing, tunic
Seamstress SpoolWhiteclothing, tunic
Seamstress Spoolsclothing, tunic
Seamstress WoolWeavingTableclothing, tunic, sewing
Shirt Pileclothing, tunic
Table ArcanePowdersalchemist, experiment, magic
Table ArcaneScalealchemist, experiment, magic
Table Armorblacksmith, metalworker, iron
Table Axesweaponsmith, blacksmith, weapon
Table BookChurchalchemist, experiment, astrology
Table Booksalchemist, library, reading
Table BowyerFletcherbow, arrow, crossbow
Table BowyerFletcher2bow, arrow, crossbow
Table Cartographermap, navigation, survival
Table Cartographer Calipermap, navigation, survival
Table Cartographer2map, navigation, survival
Table Cartographer3map, navigation, survival
Table Cartographer3calipermap, navigation, survival
Table Cartographer4map, navigation, survival
Table Cartographer4Calipermap, navigation, survival
Table Cartographer5map, navigation, survival
Table Cartographer5Calipermap, navigation, survival
Table Cartographer6map, navigation, survival
Table Cartographer7map, navigation, survival
Table Cookingrestaurant, food, diningroom
Table CookingButcherrestaurant, food, diningroom
Table CookingButcherBloodyrestaurant, food, diningroom
Table CookingFruitrestaurant, food, diningroom
Table CookingFruit2restaurant, food, diningroom
Table CookingVegetableCuttingrestaurant, food, diningroom
Table Crossbowbow, arrow, balista
Table Crossbow2bow, arrow, balista
Table Dinging Room Plainrestaurant, diningroom, food
Table Dining Room EmptyDiningroom, dinner, food
Table Leatherarmor, studdedleather
Table MedicalNoteshospital, surgeon, doctor, medic
Table MedicalNotesScalehospital, surgeon, doctor, medic
Table Meetingrestaurant, diningroom, food
Table Plain 2study, library
Table Plain 3study, library
Table PlainBlankshelf, diningroom
Table PlainSimpleChairshelf, study, library
Table PlanningPapersmeetinghall, library, diningroom
Table PoliceGuardsWantedjail, wantedposter
Table PotionsAlchemistexperiment, testing, libations
Table Potsstorage, experiment, alchemy
Table RobesClothingseamstress, sewing, tunic
Table SaladBarvegetables, herbs, Diningroom, dinner, food
Table ScaleBookslibrary, experiment, ritual
Table Seamstressclothing, tunic, blanket
Table Seamstress Cloth2clothing, tunic, blanket
Table Seamstress ClothMaroonclothing, tunic, blanket
Table Seamstress ClothPurpleclothing, tunic, blanket
Table Seamstress ClothTealclothing, tunic, blanket
Table Seamstress Shirtclothing, tunic, blanket
Table Seamstress Shirt2clothing, tunic, blanket
Table Seamstress Shirt2Greenclothing, tunic, blanket
Table Seamstress Shirt2Purpleclothing, tunic, blanket
Table Seamstress ShirtBlueclothing, tunic, blanket
Table Seamstress ShirtRedclothing, tunic, blanket
Table Studystudy, library, books
Table Study 2study, library, books
Table Study Scalestudy, library, books
Table Weaponsmithmace, sword, hammer
Tablestandstudy, library, bedroom
Tanning Skinleather, skinner, animal
Tanning Skin Uprightleather, skinner, animal
Wall Signdressingroom, brothel
Wanted Posterrobber, theif, crook
Wanted Poster 2robber, theif, crook
WantedPoster JesseJamesrobber, theif, crook