Advanced Weather Effects

Take your party through the dark, snow, rain, and lightning.

Control the Elements

Make it rain at the castle or make your players take on a snow storm. Weather opens up an entirely new and exciting way to play roleplaying games online - and you don't even need to get wet or shovel!


Great for stormy seas or moments of high intensity, use rain to further immerse your players. Toggle rain on or off with the click of a button or fine-tune the intensity of rain. Start a light drizzle or wreck havoc with a full lightning storm!


There's a blizzard coming but it's surprisingly pleasant to look at, isn't it? Activate snow for your players with the click of a button. Create a light dusting of snow or make your players travel through a blizzard!


Use the Night filter to blanket your world with an ominous mood. Toggle night with the simple click of a button.

Pro Tip: Use Weather together with Dynamic Lighting for an experience unlike any other virtual tabletop!