Build battlemaps for tabletop games

6,500+ assets included, brand new assets each month

+ Includes all the packs above plus 2 brand new packs each month

Advanced Features, Big Savings

  • Over 6,500+ assets included
  • 2 new packs each month
  • 20GB Online Storage
  • Advanced Weather Effects
  • Exclusively on Astral

What is Astral?

RPG Encounter Builder

Astral was built to be easy and simple for everyone. Build encounters for your campaign in minutes, not hours. Export or play online.

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Easy Online Tools

Immerse your players in your worlds with features such as weather, live chat, and more. Easy to use tools for both GMs and players.

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200+ assets included

What's better than a free map builder? How about 200+ free tiles and assets to build your encounters with!

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Easy to Master Map Editor

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Excellent in its infancy. Limitless in its potential.
- Mythic Portal Games
In a time where people have others pay for their dreams through Kickstarter and such it is refreshing to see a selfmade product. I am excited to be in it from the early days and can not wait to see it rival the big boys in the virtual Tabletop scene
- GM Yanick, DawnforgedCast
Although still in development [Astral] is quickly becoming a powerful tool for both DMs and players alike. There are new useful features constantly being added, and if something isn’t there the developer will try to make those features happen.
- chunkosauruswrex, user since June 2017
I really believe that this could become the next big Virtual table top. It’s easy to use and has already got a lot of fun features. And I love how the community and developers work together to make this a great platform.
- MisterX, user since August 2017
My character had a dream to build a stronghold, when he managed to do it [Astral] made it a reality.
- Lum_the_Mad, user since June 2017