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Craft with epic world-building tools. Connect and share experiences with players around the world. Astral TableTop is a portal for tabletop gamers.

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With an innovative design that offers a truly fresh take on VTTs, Astral is serious competition to watch out for.
- Will, Encounter Roleplay
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RPG Encounter Builder

Astral was built to be easy and simple for everyone. Build encounters for your campaign in minutes, not hours.

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Easy Online Tools

Immerse your players in your worlds with features such as weather, live chat, and more. Easy to use tools for both GMs and players.

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200+ assets included

What's better than a free map builder? How about 200+ free tiles and assets to build your encounters with!

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Astral is a simple, but powerful online virtual tabletop for creating and playing fantasy role-playing games online. We offer free tools and online hosting features for Game Masters and players that make it fun and easy to play tabletop RPGs online without having to learn complicated software, pricing, or interfaces.

What Makes Us Different

Competitive Pricing

Astral subscriptions give Game Masters access to exclusive features like Advanced Dynamic Lighting, Weather, and brand new assets every month. Monthly and yearly plans available.

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Community Driven

We want to eliminate complicated and unnecessary features. We sincerely value the input of our community and strive to build the features you want most.

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